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The exact origin of the Pembroke Borough Silver Band is uncertain, suffice to say that it started in the early 1950s. The two towns of Pembroke and Pembroke Dock had been served by bands from the army during the time that Pembroke Dock was a garrison town and when they left the Salvation Army provided the music for a short while. It was during this period that the voluntary civilian band came into being and was adopted by the then Borough of Pembroke. We have been providing music for Mayors' Parades, carnivals, Christmas carols, Royal Visits, fetes, Remembrance Days and even weddings amongst many other things since. There is a lot more to the band than just marches. We have had a successful competetive career especially in the Welsh National Championships and have competed in the National Finals in the Albert Hall in London. The Band doesn't just happen. It is always ready to welcome new players and at the moment we are searching for a Musical Director/Conductor who would be willing to devote some time with us.
Most members of the band had not played a musical instrument or read music until they joined. Anyone can join the band, learn to play an instrument and read music. Only then can you enjoy the pleasure of making music and receive the appreciation of those who have enjoyed it.
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